Welcome to Zona Wyyerd

Zona Wyyerd is an Arizona-based company providing high-speed Internet and telephone over Zona Wyyerd’s fiber network. The company was initially formed in 1995 to serve Lake Pleasant and surrounding rural areas. As metro Phoenix grew toward the Northwest, Zona began serving new subdivisions and has been one of the fastest growing independent telecom providers in the United States. 

Zona Wyyerd’s formula for success rests on two principles, superior technology and excellent customer service. Zona Wyyerd was an early adopter of world-class broadband via fiber-to-the-home networks with our first deployment in 2004. Local technical support and customer service teams keep vigilant watch over the customer base to make certain that our users’ broadband experience is second to none. Packaging superior technology and excellent customer service with competitive service pricing makes Zona Wyyerd the clear choice for broadband telecom services.

We're Now Located in Surprise!

14273 West Grand Avenue, Suite 102 ∙ Surprise, AZ 85374

High Speed Internet

We Use the Best Technology

Forget copper cables, we use the most advanced broadband technology with our Fiber to Home Network for fast and consistent Internet speeds.

Choose Your Speed

Choose from our five plans of how much speed you need. We service from 50mbps download speed all the way to 1 Gig (that’s 1000mbps!) Speed packages are delivered to the 

Speeds up to


Fiber Voice

VoIP Fiber Based Phone Service

Zona Wyyerd Fiber Voice connects to your home phone system and gives you reliable, crystal clear calls. At just $20/mo, this phone service is a must-have for you home.

Tons of Additional Features

Take control of your home phone system whether you are at home or away. With popular features such as voicemail-to-email notifications, call forwarding and 3-way conference calling, managing your home phone has never been easier.

Think Fast


Streaming Live Television

We can help you learn about the different providers available to stream live television and other programming over the internet. 


Local, Live Customer Service & Support

Our customer service specialists are located right here in Surprise, Arizona!  We are ready to assist you with all of your internet and phone requests. 

Our technicians provide outstanding support for our network and ready to help with any question you may have.