Do I need a Router?


If you want to take advantage of wi-fi in your home you will need a wireless router. We recommend you use Zona Wyyerd’s managed Wi-Fi service – ZonaFi. The managed WiFi service provides you with peace of mind and lets Zona Wyyerd manage things for you – worry free!  

Our managed wi-fi program provides you with a high grade router which we continually push security and software update to. We can access the router remotely for minor corrections or  resets. If anything were to go wrong, including if the router falls off the shelf and stops working, we will will repair or replace it at our cost. Click the link above for more information.

If you have your own router or wish to purchase one, please make sure it is a router only. Router modem combos do not work with our fiber to the home service. If you are going to purchase a router, please be sure it is dual band router and is an 802.11 AC router of any brand.

Our technicians will install the Zona Wyyerd router at no charge. Zona Wyyerd technicians can install your personal router for a fee.

It is important to have a router that is current with technology.  A majority of Internet issues reported by our customers arise from a router issue.

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