What is GIG?


Your new home in Vistancia is equipped for Arizona’s first gigabit broadband network, powered by Zona Wyyerd. Zona Wyyerd’s fiber-to-the-home network offers Internet connection speeds up to one gigabit‑per‑second (1 Gbps, that’s equal to 1000 Mbps). There are only a few communities in the nation where such elite Internet speed is available to residential consumers. Vistancia is the first of those communities in Arizona – congratulations!

What are the benefits of a gigabit Internet connection? Zona Wyyerd’s fiber-optic gigabit connection matches the fastest residential Internet service available in the United States. This means everything you do on the Internet can happen faster – you spend less time waiting on files and more time enjoying your Internet content. The gigabit connection also provides plenty of bandwidth for multiple users, so every member of your family can be enjoying all of their Internet connected devices without bogging down your network.

Comparison of various Internet applications on Zona Wyyerd gigabit Internet vs a basic 10 Mbps connection:

Going Gig

There are a few items to check to ensure you have the best possible experience when upgrading to a 1 Gbps broadband connection.

  • Is your equipment up to the task?
    • You’ll want to ensure that your router supports Gigabit wired connections.
    • This is often listed as Gigabit Ethernet or 10/100/1000 Mbps.
    • Newer routers with faster processors and more on board memory will be able route all the data much better than an older model.
    • Keeping in mind that connecting via WiFi will reduce your connection speed. Newer 802.11ac routers using the 5 GHz band will allow for greater throughput.
    • Older devices using 802.11b/g/n, and hardwired devices using 10/100 Mbps will not see the the full benefit of a 1 Gbps connection.*
  • The quality of the Cat5e (or greater) lines in your home may also affect speeds.
    • A site visit may be needed to determine if you home has the necessary wiring to take advantage of the greater speeds.
    • In some circumstances additional wiring may be necessary and fees may apply.
*If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
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