Why is my speed test slower than advertised speeds?


Possible Reasons:

  1. Upload and Download speeds recorded at speed test servers account only for file data passed between the PC and the server. They do not account for the overhead required to pass that file data. Overhead typically amounts to about 15% of the total, so if a customer has a 20Mb/s link, the download speed would optimally be 17Mb/s, a 10Mb/s link should yield about 8.5Mb/s.
  2. Each piece of the equipment in the link will have the effect of slowing the speed. This includes routers, switches, wireless access points, etc.  All of these products process and buffer data as it passes through them, resulting in lower speeds. That’s basically why a speed test server in a ditant city will report slower results than a local server. Home routers and switches will also slow the speed, but if working properly, should have little effect.
  3. The PC or laptop being used to test speed will also affect speed results.  If the computer has a slow processor, limited memory, or has several processes running at the time of the speed test, results will be slower.If the Internet LED is not lit:
  4. Inside wire may have a poor connection, wire may be crimped, or compressed by a staple.  There is also a slight possibility of radio frequency interference.
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