A local fiber network you can count on

Features and Details

High-Speed Internet

Zona Wyyerd is excited to offer you the most advanced broadband technology in the world via our Fiber to the Home Network. This next-generation technology allows us to deliver you the best online experience. Whether you casually surf the Internet, stream video, run a home-based business, or need the fastest Internet speeds for online gaming, you can be assured that our internet plans will provide you with the best experience.


Internet Plans

Zona Wyyerd can provide you with an internet connection with plenty of bandwidth for your household – so every member of the household can enjoy all of their devices without slowing each other down.

Think Fast and Pick the Speed YOU Need

50 Mbps

50 up and 50 down
$ 55
  • Best for households who do limited video streaming and have 2-3 connected devices.

100 Mbps

100 up and 100 down
$ 65
  • Best for households who stream video and have 3-5 connected devices.

300 Mbps

300 up and 300 down
$ 75
  • Best for those households who stream video and have 5-7 connected devices.

500 Mbps

500 up and 500 down
$ 90
  • Best for those households who stream video and have 8 or more connected devices.

1,000 Mbps

A GIG of speed!
$ 115
  • For those that want the fastest internet in the valley. Best for households who stream video and have extensive devices throughout the home. This plan includes our Managed WiFi service! (a $10.00 value).

Managed Wifi Service

Your WiFi enabled devices will perform at their best with a strong wireless signal. The WiFi router in your home is the key! Zona Wyyerd’s Managed WiFi service takes the hassles and worries out of managing your wireless network.

Zona Wyyerd’s Managed WiFi service includes:

  • Our professional grade router, which will be replaced at no cost to you should it ever break or have non repairable issues.

  • A visit from our technicians to perform professional installation, troubleshooting, and equipment upgrades.

  • Expert support for router management and WiFi coverage.
  • Updates of the router’s software and security features.
If your home is large or has a lay out not friendly to WiFi, we can install our system’s Mesh Units. The Mesh Unit will make the WiFi signal strong in any room just like it is next to the router! Managed Wifi with Mesh plans start at $15.00 per month.  

Managed WiFi - $10.00 per month
Managed WiFi with Mesh - Starts at $15.00 per month

*Managed Wi-Fi works in conjunction with your Zona Wyyerd’s Internet Service.  Contact us for details.