Pair Zona Wyyerd's super-fast internet with streaming TV and break free from costly cable service and limitations on where and when you watch. Ask about our streaming TV set-up services.

Streaming television allows you to break free from costly cable and satellite by using only your internet connection to watch TV shows, movies and even live and local events from your TV or any device that connects to the internet.

To start streaming, you will need a Smart TV that has access to streaming applications, or a device that can insert into your TV like a Roku Stick, Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV.

Choosing the right provider depends on which shows are important to you.  To help decide which subscription plan is best, click on the button below for an interactive experience.

Zona Wyyerd is NOT a streaming provider, but we DO provide the fastest fiber internet connection to the home to allow for excellent streaming. To choose the plan that’s right for you, call 623-455-4555

Zona Wyyerd is proud to offer our famous white glove installation service for a one time fee of $150. Call 623-455-4555 to set up a time with one of our technicians.  They will help install your Roku device and sign in and test all of your TV subscriptions, so you can sit back and relax.

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We will cover:
- Streaming 101
- Cost Benefit Analysis
- Device Tutorial
- In Depth Q&A

Zona Wyyerd is NOT a streaming provider. Zona Wyyerd does provide the fiber internet connection to the home to allow for excellent streaming. For more information or questions please call 623-455-4555

If you’d like a little help deciding which streaming provider is best for your needs, check out*
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