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We are NOT a streaming provider but our Customer Service Specialists can help answer your questions.


Like cable TV services, streaming services can give you access to live TV channels presented in real time. The difference is that streaming services bring the channels to you via an app over your internet connection rather than through cable.

Streaming is cost effective and portable with month-to-month contracts. Streaming apps provide local channels, live sports, the most popular networks and more!

No matter what streaming app or device you use to display the content, you will not have a great experience if your internet connection is too slow or unreliable. Make sure you have a Fiber to-the-Home internet connection from Zona Wyyerd to maximize your streaming enjoyment.

Think about which channels you now watch most often, then pick the streaming app that offers those channels. Stop in our office and ask for a copy of Zona’s Streaming Guide App Comparison Guide or click link below to help with this process.

To take advantage of streaming, you’ll first need a way to display the content on your TV. 

Zona recommends using Roku Ultra devices as your streaming device manager.  You will need a device on each television. Rokus are available at all major electronic stores and online.

These devices help access the streaming apps quickly and easily and keeps them all in one place.  They also receive software updates daily, keeping you up to date on all the latest apps available and with the latest features.

TVs of all ages can be used to stream content. Even older TVs can use adapters to install device managers. Each TV in your home will need a way to stream your applications.

Zona Wyyerd is NOT a streaming provider. Zona Wyyerd does provide the fiber internet connection to the home to allow for excellent streaming. For more information or questions please call 623-455-4555

Streaming Guide
Updated July 2, 2020

If you’d like a little help deciding which streaming provider is best for your needs, check out suppose.tv*
*3rd party website, not affiliated with Zona Wyyerd.

Zona Wyyerd offers streaming classes. These classes are provided to help you learn how to stream television and give you information on the different streaming providers available. This class is open and FREE to EVERYONE!

Call 623-455-4555 to sign up and reserve your spot for our next one!

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